Never lost

“The question is,” said Alice, “whether you can make words mean so many different things.” “The question is,” said Humpty Dumpty, “which is to be master—that’s all.”

Flow and stream

As part of the ‘kunst 10-daagse’ at Ecodorp Bergen. I will perform a couple of ‘Soundbaths’ in our exhibition space. Look at the agenda online here.

You might identify with the little twig in the stream that is floating along with the current, encountering objects like stones that toss you around or being dragged into an undertow spinning around in bubbles. Or perhaps you identify with the stream itself, moving along by your own body of water embedded into the winding landscape summoning you to meander, speed up and slow, to drop or assemble into a pond. Sat, tjit, ananda. The flow and the stream are it.

Flow and stream is a spontaneous composition from a set of sample building blocks arranged in Native Instrument’s Maschine in Studio Fonds at Ecodorp Bergen. During each performance the flow will be different an momentous. This is one recorded session. All the other session will just be a one time off.

Make a better day

To experience happiness, sometimes if it doesn’t magically comes up from within, one can put a smile on the face, start walking, preferably surrounded by nature. Lots of times that does the trick.


The future of recycled pellets is here…

What is so nice about re-using pellet wood to me is that it has had a life and it shows. There are the holes of nails, rusty spots, grey areas and rough edges. There are ink-stamps with text and numbers. There’s a lot of ‘feel’ to it once it has its new destiny.

I try to reuse all of it. All the nails and wood. Find pieces that naturally fit together and make a unit. The planks and beams themselves give rise to sizes and shapes and the ‘design’ part is a combination of the size of the planks, the beams and the object.


A Study for an outdoor statue – a tribute to the dance, to movement, to motion.

Not only is everything in constant motion – motion IS everything