Flow and stream

As part of the ‘kunst 10-daagse’ at Ecodorp Bergen. I will perform a couple of ‘Soundbaths’ in our exhibition space. Look at the agenda online here.

You might identify with the little twig in the stream that is floating along with the current, encountering objects like stones that toss you around or being dragged into an undertow spinning around in bubbles. Or perhaps you identify with the stream itself, moving along by your own body of water embedded into the winding landscape summoning you to meander, speed up and slow, to drop or assemble into a pond. Sat, tjit, ananda. The flow and the stream are it.

Flow and stream is a spontaneous composition from a set of sample building blocks arranged in Native Instrument’s Maschine in Studio Fonds at Ecodorp Bergen. During each performance the flow will be different an momentous. This is one recorded session. All the other session will just be a one time off.


You are something the whole universe is doing in the same way that a wave is something the whole ocean is doing. What you do is what the whole universe is doing at a place you call here and now (Alan Watts)

Dream of the river

All you have to do, to find yourself a way.

Is float like a river.
All you have to do to find yourself a way.

Is dive in the water.
All you have to do to float in the river.

Be one with the water.
All you have to do to sing in the morning.

Is dream of the river.


Island of silence

Dabbling in the Texel Audio PH14 studio lead to this track. While folks were herding together in the little town markets on the island I had the studio to myself and was just being inquisitive, intuitive, listening and experimenting. Just being playful is bliss. Time, meaning, reason, fear and worry all disappear and are nonexistent. Bliss rules. It’s music in silence. The here and now don’t matter. Flow. Is.